UH National Commercial

We hit the big time and Kerri got to fulfill her lifelong goal of appearing in a national commercial. The lab got a cameo at the end of this year’s commercial for the University of Houston. Check it out:




Lots to Celebrate

To celebrate the end of a productive semester, the lab headed out for pizza and beer. A few of the things we’re celebrating:

  • Lots of exciting new projects for Hannah and Noah
  • Anna’s submission of her first manuscript
  • Amazing undergrad research conducted by Laura and Luis
  • Luis’s graduation + job offers
  • Scott’s graduation + his decision to stick around for a PhD with us
  • Sandy’s election as a senator in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Hoang’s publications
  • Huda and Hannah winning prizes for their presentations
  • New faces in the lab joining us this summer
  • And much, much more!


NSF Grant Awarded

Thanks to NSF, the Crawford Lab will be starting a new project! For the next four years, we will be investigating how climate influences plant-soil feedback using a variety of experiments in the lab and field. We’re excited to discover how abiotic variation across space and time can influence plant community structure through alterations in plant-microbe interactions. This also means that we will be looking to hire new personnel to help with the project. If you are looking for a technician position or a postdoc position and think this project sounds fun, please contact Kerri.

For more on the project, click here.


Congratulations, Hannah!

Congrats to Hannah for winning the Distinguished Graduate/Professional Student Leader Award for her service to the Graduate and Professional Student Association! Not only is Hannah an amazing ecologist, she’s an excellent leader.

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Welcome to the lab!

Time flies when you are having fun! In the first of a series of catch-up posts, I’d like to welcome Noah Luecke to the lab. Noah joined the lab as a Ph.D. student this past fall. In his first year, he has started lots of fun experiments looking at how soil microbes influence plants. We’re looking forward to the results!



Happy Summer!

The lab recently got together to celebrate the end of the semester and our graduating lab members! Along with Anna Hawkins (Master’s Student), we have some undergraduates that are also leaving: Yash Desi and Tran Mai. Yash and Tran have been with the Crawford Lab since Kerri started at UH, and they will be greatly missed!


To kick off the summer Kerri and Hannah are headed to Michigan to check on the project up north, and we are working on getting the sample processing procedures set for our recent Plant Genomics project.

A Master of Science!

CaptureOn Thursday, April 13th, our very own Anna Hawkins defended her Master’s Thesis titled “Effects of water availability on plant coexistence through altered plant-microbe interactions”. In her talk, Anna explained her two experiments regarding plant-soil feedback and water availability. After a round of questioning from her committee, she completed the task marvelously, and passed her examination. We are so excited for her, proud of her, and looking forward to seeing where she goes next armed with her degree of Master of Science!


Keep an eye out for some great new papers in the field of plant-soil feedback and climate change to come as a result of Anna’s strong experiments!